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The UnIntentionals are proud to be expanding their Merch options throughout all of 2022 and beyond. We're starting with a limited selection as we keep building out the different types of Merch we're going to have on a regular basis. Make sure you're always checking back throughout the year to see what the new Merch is and what new styles are coming out! 

Moving through 2022, we're going to have specific In-Show perks for people who are representing the UnIntentionals brand, so make sure you get yours today! Also, the Cause of the Month shirts will give 50% to charity all year long, so don't feel like you're going to miss a window if you don't make a purchase within a certain month. 

If you like one of the designs, but don't see the exact size, color, or color/size combination, use the form at the bottom to make a Custom Request from us! We're starting with a limited amount of options, but if we have specific requests, we'd love to be able to honor those to make sure you're able to still have some UnIntentionals swag! 

New Releases

Cause of the Month

Performer Series Swag

Related Products

UnIntentionals Swag

Custom Requests

If you see a product (or products) that you like, but you don't see the right color, size, or color/size combination, use the form below to make a Custom Request! We'll do everything we can to make sure that you're able to get the swag you want, and we greatly appreciate everyone who chooses to wear our logo.

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