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The UnIntentionals are a 501c3 Nonprofit, which means that we utilize Donations as a main part of our strategy to fund our operations. We also use Donations to make an impact in a variety of ways, mainly by partnering with other Nonprofits to help aid their goals. Ever since our founding, The UnIntentionals have always been thinking of ways we can help make our local community better every year. You can read more about our Vision here.

We hope you consider Donating to our cause. If you have in the past, THANK YOU! We could not be who we are without your donations, and we greatly appreciate it.

Below are the variety of ways that you can Donate to our group, including the current Cause of the Month - an initiative we started in 2022 to make an ever larger impact across the country. 

Image by John Cameron
Image by Jon Tyson


March 2022

Our first Cause of the Month went live in February, and we would definitely say it was a successful debut! We appreciate everyone who told us how excited they were for the idea. 

Now that we're in March, we have a new Cause of the Month, so make sure you click the button below to check it out, and check out the store to get your #uicotm2022 shirt today to support the cause!

Donations: In the News


Below is a list of all the ways you can join us in our journey, ranging from Monetary Donations to Donations of Time. All are equally important and equally appreciated!

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Monetary Donations help us with our upkeep expenses and help us donate directly to other causes. If you'd like to Donate to us monetarily, use the Link below.

If you would like to Donate 100% to The UnIntentionals instead of a partnered cause, make sure you select that under Designation!


Amazon Smile.png

Probably the easiest way to Donate, Amazon Smile allows you to enjoy the same Amazon experience, but a percentage of every purchase gets donated to the Nonprofit of your choice! 

Go to, and search for Plumb Line Players (our LLC). After you select us, a small percentage gets donated every time you make a purchase. How cool is that?! 


Similar to Amazon Smile, Scrip is a gift card-buying website that will send a small percentage of your purchase to the Nonprofit of your choice. If you buy gift cards, this is a great way to Donate!

We will have more information for this soon!

More Soon

You don't need to spend money to Donate! In fact, this method is very underrated. As an Entertainment company, it helps us a ton if you become a part of our audience! A larger audience not only helps us grow, but helps us provide better Content as well. 

Already a part of our audience? Share about us to others, or Share our Content! Below is a link to the SweetHart Entertainment YouTube channel, where all of our videos currently reside:

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya


Donations: Meet the Team


Another excellent way to Donate is to help spread the word about us! If you've been to one of our shows, seen one of our videos, or taken one of our classes, leave a Review on Google or Facebook about that experience. We'd love to hear about it! 

Also, if you feel comfortable enough, Refer us! We would love to connect with more people and more companies to provide more shows or Corporate Events. 


Thanks for submitting!

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