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UnIntentionals FAQ Page

If you donate for a Cause of the Month, 50% of your donation will go directly to that sponsored Cause. For all Donations that The UnIntentionals take in after that, we use them exclusively for operational expenses, including renting space for shows, equipment, and having a website to answer this question! 

Our major financial goal is to expand to a physical location of our own in the near future to better assist with our goals and to help expand our Impact. 

No, we actually don't pay our performers for their time they use to practice and perform. Our performers are with the group because they love learning more about Improv, Comedy and Acting, they love laughing and making others laugh, and they love making people happy!

Can I become a Performer with The UnIntentionals?

The traditional path to join our group as a Performer is to take the Improv Basics, Intermediate Improv, and Advanced Improv classes. If our teachers/coaches agree that you have the potential to add a unique talent to our group, we typically have that conversation after completing the Intermediate Improv or Advanced Improv course. 

Joining our group as a Performer is never a guarantee after taking our classes, and joining our group doesn't guarantee regular performances. 

What is SweetHart Entertainment?

The name SweetHart Entertainment has started appearing more and more in our communications, which is why this question has been coming up. SweetHart Entertainment is a partner company of The UnIntentionals which produces all of our content, and helps us customize our talent for Corporate Soft Skills Training sessions and Corporate events. 

We work hand in hand as 2 companies with the same goals, but slightly different talent pools. 

If I donate, what exactly does that Donation go towards?

Does the group pay their Performers for being in Shows?


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