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The UnIntentionals have been exceptionally lucky to attract uniquely talented individuals who have gravitated towards the core foundational beliefs of our group. Honestly, it's less of a group and more of a very odd family with tons of fun awkwardness. 

We will be created Performers pages for all of our performers, so that you can put faces to names and get to know the members of our group! Check back for that soon! 


We get a loooooot of questions about our group, so we've created a basic FAQs page with a few of the most commonly asked questions. Hopefully this will be a useful resource, but if you have other questions for us, feel free to Contact Us with additional questions!

Not covered in the FAQ page - Why did I choose the cute dog holding its hand up as if it had a question. Answer - Dogs be cute

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About Us: In the News
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The UnIntentionals have one major goal that drives us - To make a positive, lasting impact on as many people as possible. We do this by spreading positivity through laughter to those around us with our Content, by giving back to our community, and to help others embrace their gifts and talents in the Entertainment world without giving up who they are. It's a lot, and there's also a ton on our to-do lists, but we're up for the challenge, because we have all felt the impact that laughter and comedy can have, and we want to pay that feeling forward! 

First, we aim to make a positive, lasting impact on as many people as possible by spreading positivity through laughter to as many as possible. That's why we perform our Shows & Events, why we produce Content, and why we choose to use our time studying Comedy! We've all been there - Rough days where nothing seems to go right that turn into weeks, months, or even years at a time. Sometimes that can be literal, or sometimes it just feels like that long since something positive has happened for us. It gets hard to focus, hard to stay motivated, and the small things seem giant. That's why we want to help inject positivity and help people get out of those depressing times! We produce Shows & Events to give people a stress-free, fun night of laughter to help boost their moods, and we're also focusing more efforts on videos, so that even when we don't have a show, people have an outlet of family friendly content that can help them laugh. 

Second, we aim to make a positive, lasting impact on as many as possible by giving back to our Community. Several of our performers look to serve our community on a regular basis throughout the year, volunteering for a variety of causes to impact those in need. We don't do this for the PR or because it makes us feel like we're important...we do this because we know that helping people is fundamentally right. Everybody needs help in some way, though a lot of people pretend they don't. We aim to be resources for people going through different rough patches in life, and don't believe at all that either asking for help or stopping to help others shows weakness. We choose to imagine and hope for a world where everybody helps everybody, and we're more than comfortable being examples of what that could look like by volunteering to help others. We hope to take the next step in this with our Cause of the Month program in 2022. If you haven't seen that, check it out here!

Third, we aim to make a positive, lasting impact on as many people as possible by helping others embrace their talents, gifts, and passions for Entertainment! All of our group members love the world of Entertainment, and we all had to start from the ground and work our way up. We also have another thing in common - Someone was there at the ground level to help mentor us into quality performers who specialize in Improv comedy. We continually look to continue that tradition, mainly through our classes. We love connecting with our class members, and truly helping them realize their inner talents without judging failures or asking them to change who they are. We love teaching and leading people from all different skill levels and all different backgrounds how to perform, and hopefully we get to take the next step in 2022 by offering more classes! As our group grows, our impact grows as well, and that's a thought that we love. If you haven't seen our Classes, check them out here!

If you've enjoyed our Content, align with our Vision and Goals, and/or enjoyed reading this story, please consider joining us! Our Donations page has all of the options for Donating to our cause, including ways that don't take financial commitment. In the near future, we hope to be able to expand to a permanent location to better assist with our goals and to help us make a larger impact. Thank you for everyone who has donated in the past to get us to this point. We aim to take the impact you've had on us and pay it forward! 

We'll also be building out a History page soon, so you can read more about how and why our group started. Check back soon to see that under the About Us tab! 


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