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UnIntentionals Shows FAQ Page

Are your shows truly Family Friendly?

Yes! Any show hosted by The UnIntentionals with our performers in the show will be family friendly, which is a staple for our group. We aim to provide Entertainment for all ages, which means that our Entertainment will always be truly family friendly, and you don't have to worry about us stretching any rules or definitions of family friendly. We coach our performers to do Comedy without any cursing, innuendos or insensitive topics.

Is there anything that's not family friendly?

Everything we host and perform ourselves will be family friendly, because that's the identity of our group, and it goes along with our vision to provide Entertainment suitable for all ages. However, if we're part of an event that's co-hosted or hosted by another company, there may be content that's not family friendly, specifically from other groups who might be part of the event. If we host any events under our banner that aren't family friendly, it'll be listed very obviously in the description of the event.

Are your shows Scripted at all?

The beauty of Improv Comedy is that it doesn't follow a script! We rely on suggestions from the audience to fuel our creativity, and then build a scene out of that creativity. That's why you'll notice that the stage is bare when you walk into one of our shows. The beauty of improvisational comedy is that you'll never see the same scene twice, because the suggestions and creativities of the Performers will give different results every time, even if you gave the same suggestion! 

How can I join in on the fun and become a Performer with The UnIntentionals?

If you're interested in becoming a Performer, get in touch with us! We'd love to talk to you about what it takes to become a performer with us, and to answer any questions you might have. 

The easiest starting place is to visit our Classes page, specifically our Improv Basics page. This is where most people start their Improv Comedy journey, and if you think you want to try it out, use our Class Interest Form to get in touch with our team!

What's the age limit for tickets?

We have "Child" tickets available for most of our shows for free, and that's for anyone under 12 years of age. For everyone over 12, you'd be getting an Adult ticket for our shows. Quick note - Not every event we do will have free tickets, so it'll depend on a number of factors, such as what the event is (Fundraisers might not have free tickets), or if we're hosting it. 

The reason we ask you to "buy" these is so that we can monitor our numbers and not oversell any of our events.

Are all your shows Improv?

How does Seating work?

Both getting a ticket and getting a seat are first-come, first-serve, so you'll still need to make sure you're at our venues when the Doors Open to get the exact seat you want. On the day of the event, our VIP tickets get exclusive access to first row spots, but after those are reserved, you'll be able to reserve your seat whenever you show up! 

Most of our shows are going to be Improv Comedy, which is our specialty, but you'll also see us perform other types of shows, such as Stand-Up Comedy shows. It's clearly stated on the Events page what type of event it is.

We also host Fundraiser Character dinners, which are events where you'll see a lot of our Performers dressed up as different Characters throughout the night. We also host themed Improv Comedy nights, which put a twist on classic Improv Comedy, but don't worry - It's still unscripted!

What does the Ticket Revenue from the shows go towards?

We don't pay any of our Performers for performing with us for any event that we host, whether that's a Headliner Improv show or a Fundraiser event. Our Performers dedicate their time because they align with the vision of The UnIntentionals, which allows the revenue from tickets to go exclusively to covering the costs of hosting shows at multiple locations throughout the triangle. Also, a portion of proceeds may be donated to a nonprofit or charity.


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