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Intermediate Improv Comedy I:
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This Intermediate Improv class builds on the foundation set in place from the Improv Comedy Fundamentals class by zooming in to add specific skills that can help you perform Improv Comedy at a higher level. In this Improv class specifically, we're going to learn how to invite your own guests to the party. That's right - Characters! You'll learn how to Create characters, Maintain characters, and how Relationships & History can be powerful allies in the world of Improv Comedy. Join our next class so that you can continue your Improv journey and learn how these skills can increase your effectiveness as a performer not just for Improv, but also for any acting, longform Improv, or Stand-Up Comedy you're planning in your future! 

A Little More about the Intermediate Improv I Course

Who's this Class for?

  • People who have taken our Improv Comedy Fundamentals course

  • People who want to learn more creating Characters, establishing Relationships and History on the fly, or other skills included in the class that can help with their skillset for Improv, Stand-Up, or any other style of Performance
  • Those who feel like they might want to perform Improv Comedy, and want to take this as the step before Advanced Improv, which is geared to help get people ready to perform regularly and/or more consistently
  • Anyone who's taken the Improv Comedy Fundamentals course, enjoyed the fun, and wants to commit to more fun!
  • Anyone in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Morrisville, Knightdale, or any other areas surrounding RDU that wants to learn more about Improv Comedy


  • ​This is a 5-week course with each session being 2 hours

  • This course is $155, but it requires a unique discount code that's provided by an Instructor, so fill out the Class Interest Form today and get in touch for your code! 


What does this Class cover?

  • Creating Characters and turning single, simple characteristics into entire Characters
  • Maintaining different Characters and Reacting as those Characters
  • Using Relationships and History to find interpersonal Comedy
  • Understanding Status and Utilizing Status Shifts
  • The Power of Playable Gifts
  • Reading an Audience and letting their reactions guide your scene
  • Discovering your Tendencies as an Improv Performer


Upcoming Dates:

  • More dates coming. Get in touch with us to find the next class! 

How to Sign Up:

  • Fill out the Class Interest Form to connect with our team of instructors. They'll make sure to answer any questions you have, and make sure you're pursuing the right class

  • An Instructor will send you a Quicklist for your preferred class, which includes all the details for that class along with a discount code to bring the class to $155

  • Follow the instructions and get signed up! Your instructor will confirm your spot in the class


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