Though we've made a name for ourselves for doing fast-paced Improv comedy shows, The UnIntentionals have many more types of shows that we've started doing. Keep scrolling to check out a list of our favorite types of shows we've performed, as well as our Upcoming Comedy Shows, Fundraisers, and other Events!

If you want to Book Us for a specific show, use This Form to tell us what type of show you would like us to perform, and we'll make sure we get in touch with you quickly to customize a show for your specific event! 

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The Wait is Over!

Though we're still working on contracts and logistics for more shows in the 2nd half of 2022 and into 2023, we're happy to announce our first weekend of shows! Check out the next tabs to see the schedule for the shows, as we're debuting a multiple-show and full-day experience option for the first time ever!! 

Both our August 26th and August 27th shows will take place at Theater Raleigh Arts Center. More details of each experience will be available in the Tickets section. If you're interested in either show, we have a hard cap at 80 people per show, so make sure you get your tickets early! You can use the button below to browse Tickets.


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The UnIntentionals are more than just family friendly Improv. We've been expanding our shows to include different themes and styles the past few years. Below are a few of our favorites!



As we mentioned, the style of show that most people are used to seeing would be our Fast-Paced Improv Comedy shows. In these shows, our performers show the audience 12-15 different angles of Improv throughout the night, driven by nothing more than the suggestions of the audience.

We have a few Highlights Videos from a variety of past Events and Shows on our UnIntentionals YouTube Channel. Check them out! 



Our first venture into doing new types of shows was to do a few Themed Improv Comedy shows, where we took our unique brand of fast-paced Improv Comedy and performed an Improv version of TV Shows. We've done Bachelorette, Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, So You Think You Can Improv, and even a Murder Mystery show. The best part of these shows? They were still unscripted! 

If you're looking for a unique Improv Comedy experience, make sure you check out one of our Themed Improv shows in the future!



The UnIntentionals have been known for our Live Comedy shows for most of our history, but as most had to do in 2020, we pivoted our content strategy to include more videos and podcasts. Now, we're proud to have multiple different video and podcast series, all featuring our Performers and unique comedy! 

If you want to see our videos, check out the SweetHart Entertainment YouTube channel. They put all of our content together and publish it for us as partners of our company. 



Long Form Improv comedy is a unique form of Improv comedy where the group takes less suggestions, but they do more with them. With our typical Fast-Paced Improv comedy, you'll see an average game be between 3-7 minutes, but with Long Form, you can have one scene last an entire show. 

The fun of Long Form Improv is that it gives you a completely different look into the world of Improv, and a whole new appreciation for the performers who take minimal details and turn them into 30-45 minute stories in front of the audience, all on the fly. If you've never seen it, you need to! 

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Prior to 2018, we had a few of our performers start writing jokes and learning to perform Stand-Up comedy in addition to the Improv comedy we were doing. They did it as an exercise to help with their Improv, but they found the more they performed Stand-Up, the more they loved it! 

In 2018, we hosted our first-ever Stand-Up comedy show, and we're excited to host more in the future! We have plans to expand to do more Stand-Up shows, including amateur nights and Open Mics. 




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