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UnIntentionals Classes FAQ Page

Do I have to be 18 to take a course?

Nope! You don't have to be 18 to take one of our courses, but we do typically split classes between adults and teenagers/kids. The reason is because the types of humor aren't the same, so it's tough for kids and adults to do Improv together in some settings, though not impossible! We typically host kid-specific classes a couple times a year, mainly when we have enough interest to put a class together. 

Can I miss a Class Session and be okay?

Absolutely! Life happens, so you might have to miss a class, and we totally get that. Obviously, it's better if you know ahead of time which week you would miss, and you can make sure your Instructor knows so they can develop a plan to specifically accommodate that. If you have to unexpectantly miss a class, don't panic! Your Instructor will be able to easily send you notes and connect with you to talk about what you missed.

If I've done Improv or Standup before, should I still start with the Basics classes?

That will depend, and honesty, it's not an answer we'll know until you connect directly with your potential Instructor so you can talk about your experience. Our style and the content of our classes are very likely different from what you've been taught before, but that doesn't mean that you can't excel in the 2nd or 3rd level classes right away. With the right experience, your potential Instructor will definitely recommend the right starting place so that you don't get put in a place where you can't succeed.

I like the idea of a Class, but I struggle with Anxiety. Is there a class for me?

This question actually comes up all the time, and the answer we have is - Definitely yes! We've actually had many people with varying degrees of anxiety take our Improv Basics class specifically, and each one of them loves what the learn in the class. It's specifically geared to help people to not overthink, to trust themselves, to build confidence, and to make decisions on the fly with a celebration of failure, so what you learn in the Improv Basics class can be a great tool to help with anxiety. In fact, we have multiple group members with varying degrees of anxiety, and each would recommend taking a class to help! 

Where are these Classes held?

Right now, we're hosting our classes in two different locations in Raleigh, so the location will depend on which class you take. If you're curious, fill out the Class Interest Form to get in touch with one of our Instructors, and they'll be able to tell you which location your specific class of interest would be at! 

Am I expected to Perform after my class?

None of our classes will include a performance as a part of the class, though some of them might lead to an opportunity in the future. The UnIntentionals are always looking for quality talent to add to the group, so that possibility exists. Also, we perform shows frequently, and we have opportunities for performances by some of our past class members. Your Instructor will be sharing that information during classes, and you'll be directly contacted if such an opportunity exists.

Do I have to have experience to do well in these classes?

Not at all! Our Basics classes are specifically geared towards people who either don't have any experience, or haven't done a class in quite some time. Those classes will help you build a foundational understanding for each topic, which means you definitely don't have to have a prior understanding to be successful in that class. Just come ready to learn, ready to try things that might be outside your comfort zone, and ready to laugh at failure! 

Can I join the group somehow after taking Classes? If so, which ones? 

The UnIntentionals are currently growing, which means more shows, more online content, and to go along with those, more talent in the group! We're always looking for talented performers to join our ranks, and one of the paths to get to that point would include taking our classes, yes. However, there is no guarantee that you'll be offered a spot in the group after taking our classes, since there's more to being a part of an Entertainment group than just being good at Improv. If you join us for an Improv Basics, Intermediate Improv, and an Advanced Improv class, you'll have a great indication by that time if Improv is for you.

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