Part of our vision is not only to provide high-quality, family friendly Entertainment, but also to help others discover their gifts and talents for performing as well! That's why we have a variety of classes that we offer, and have a priority to add more moving forward. 

Prior to 2022, we really focused on creating and leading a new Improv Basics and Intermediate Improv course, and after seeing the success at the new methodology for teaching and improving Improv, we're happy to expand to more classes moving forward. These classes will include Acting Basics, Stand-Up Basics, and Long Form Basics. 

Below is a list of our different classes, and who the target audience for those classes would be. If you have any questions, Contact Us at any time with questions! 

Performing Arts School


Performing Art Class


November 3rd - December 1st

Our next Improv Basics course is set for November 3rd through December 1st, taking the week of Thanksgiving off of course! This class is perfect for those looking to learn Improv to one day perform comedy, for those wanting to try Improv out, or for those who want a unique, fun hobby! 

During this class, we walk you through the basics of Improv with the intent on having each performer able to perform Improv Scenes at the end, and with a Happiness Score of 100% so far, why not give it a shot?


We have classes for a large variety of different people, so read the descriptions below to see which course might be right for you. If you have any questions, make sure you Contact Us to get your questions answered. We'd love to connect with you!

Improv Group


This is our flagship course, and our most popular course by far. In this class, we teach the Basics of Improv, the Rule of 3, how to build a scene from nothing more than a suggestion, and how to act out a successful Improv scene. The course will also zoom in briefly on some Acting, comedic timing, and other elements. 

This course is good for people who want to try Improv specifically, people who want to learn a new skill, people who want to be more confident, or people who want to meet others in a fun, non-judgmental atmosphere. Notice the trend? It's for people! If you're a people, find our next class! 

Curtain Call


This course is the next logical step after completing the Improv Basics course, especially if the first class gave you a spark and helped you discover that you might have a hidden talent you didn't know about! This course zooms in on topics of Environment, Characters, Stage Presence and Acting, Stage Status, Relationships, and how to read the Audience. 

This class is for people who have completed the Improv Basics course, or for those with past experience who are looking to get back into performance arts. It's also for people with experience in Public Speaking, Acting, or another art. 

Young Performer


Improv is a ton of fun, but some people want to try Stand-Up instead of Improv. Totally okay! That's why we're starting to offer a Stand-Up Basics course, so that you can learn what goes into being a Stand-Up Comedian. This course will go through the basics of Writing Jokes, Joke Delivery, Putting together an Act/Persona, and Finding your Voice/Style. 

This course is great for people who want to try Stand-Up Comedy specifically, for those who may want to try comedy but want more structure than Improv, for people who want to try something new, or for people who want to learn how to write sketches. 

Drama Performance


Over the years, we've had a lot of people join our Improv Comedy classes with an acting background, because they want to learn more about how Improv can help their Acting. Recently, we've seen a few of our performers pursue Acting using the skills that they learned in Improv, so we're happy to announce the start of our Acting Basics course! This course will cover Embracing a Character, Memorization Tips, Stage Presence, Line Delivery, and Voice Control. 

This course is perfect for people wanting to learn the basics of Acting, people who want to use Acting skills to improve other performance areas, or people who want to improve their confidence, specifically in front of crowds! 

Drama Students


The UnIntentionals used to do many Long Form Improv comedy exercises to get a good change of pace, and to practice skills they knew would make them better short form improv performers. If we love learning and performing Long Form, then of course other people would love it as well! This course teaches the Basics of Improv, the difference between Short Form and Long form, Memory and Recalls, Scene Transitions, and Relationships. 

This class is perfect for people who have a little experience in Improv (knowing the basics), and is a great follow-up to either the Improv Basics or the Intermediate Improv classes we offer.



"I learned so much about Improv, and quite honestly, I'm hooked!"

- Crystal


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