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Our vision is not only to add positivity into the world by providing high-quality, family friendly Entertainment to families worldwide, but also to help others discover their gifts and talents for performing as well! We love teaching people new skills, especially when they deal with Comedy, and our teachers love seeing students have that "Aha!" moment. 

Whether you've been performing for years or whether you're simply curious about the world of Performing, we can guarantee that we have a class with content that will specifically help you take the next step in your journey. Our Basics courses help set the foundational skills in place so that our Intermediate and Advanced classes can build directly on that foundation. Each class has been prepared with specific discussions, exercises, and games in mind that will help zoom in on each concept for the class, and a benefit to our classes is that they were written in-house by our most experienced Performers, so they all have a performer's mindset behind them. 

Another benefit to taking Performance classes is that the skills you learn in these classes will directly translate into your personal and/or professional lives as well! We have a lot of people who sign up for our classes for a unique, interactive way to learn something fun that they've always wanted to try, and halfway through, they realize that what they learn helps them to be a better Communicator, Leader, Team Player, and a better Active Listener, just to name a few. Performance classes can teach you skills that will help you be better in a variety of different jobs, and can even help you deal with certain types of anxiety! 

Below is a list of our different classes, and each one has its own page with more details including who each class is for, the upcoming schedule for those sessions, and what each class will cover. If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to us!

Classes: In the News


"I learned so much about Improv, and quite honestly, I'm hooked!"

- Crystal


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