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UnIntentionals Performance Classes

What's better than learning how to make people laugh? Laughing while you do! We have a wide range of Improv Comedy classes, Stand-Up Comedy classes, and Acting classes for every level from "I've never tried this, but I want to!" to "I've been performing for years and want to learn how to get to the next level". Explore our classes below to see which one might be right for you! 

3 Reasons to take a Performance Class


Gain Confidence & Tackle Anxiety

About 40% of people who take our classes say that building confidence and tackling social anxieties are the main reasons they want to take the classes. Why? Because it's a fun, easy way to push yourself outside your boundaries and to learn new skills in a safe, positive environment. You'll learn you can do all kinds of things you didn't think you could with the help of our Instructors, who have been teaching for over 10 years!


To Build Professional Soft Skills     

According to LinkedIn, Over 90% of companies prioritize Soft Skills when making decisions on promotions or new hires. Performance classes help you discover and learn a TON of skills that translate perfectly into a wide spread of professional settings, such as Teamwork, Communication, Active Listening, Public Speaking, Change Management, and a bunch of others, so let Performance classes can help give you an advantage!


Double the Laughter!

All of our classes are taught through a Comedic lens, so even if you're learning Acting, you're going to have an absolute blast and laugh most of the time! Our performance veterans and our Instructors have been performing between 10-20 years, so they're not only good at making sure they meet you where you're at to help you learn a ton of valuable information, but you're going to have a good time while you're learning. It's fun on top of fun! 

About our Classes

Our vision is not only to add positivity into the world by providing high-quality, family friendly Entertainment to families worldwide, but also to help others discover their gifts and talents for performing as well! We love teaching people new skills, especially when they deal with Comedy, and our teachers love seeing students have that "Aha!" moment. 

Whether you've been performing for years or whether you're simply curious about the world of Performing, we can guarantee that we have a class with content that will specifically help you take the next step in your journey. Our Fundamentals courses help set the foundational skills in place so that our Intermediate and Advanced classes can build directly on that foundation. Each class has been prepared with specific discussions, exercises, and games in mind that will help zoom in on each concept for the class, and a benefit to our classes is that they were written in-house by our most experienced Performers, so they all have a performer's mindset behind them. 

Another benefit to taking Performance classes is that the skills you learn in these classes will directly translate into your personal and/or professional lives as well! We have a lot of people who sign up for our classes for a unique, interactive way to learn something fun that they've always wanted to try, and halfway through, they realize that what they learn helps them to be a better Communicator, Leader, Team Player, and a better Active Listener, just to name a few. Performance classes can teach you skills that will help you be better in a variety of different jobs, and can even help you deal with certain types of anxiety! 

If you have specific questions about our courses that the course pages don't answer, use the Class Interest Form to reach out with those specific questions. We'd love to make sure you get those answered to make sure you're signing up for classes that actually align with your goals.


"I learned so much about Improv, and quite honestly, I'm hooked!"

- Crystal


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