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Meet Our Performers


Our Performers

Our Performers are the face(s) of our group, and the ones you'll see featured in all of our shows and we might as well show them off! The UnIntentionals have been tremendously fortunate to gain tremendously gifted performers who align very closely with our overall goals as a group. Take some time to meet them, and to see where you can find them! 

Our Leadership Team

This team is responsible for all of the individual operations that make up The UnIntentionals as a group!

Our Starters

These are our Performers you'll see most in our Shows, Content, and other Events, and they act as the faces of our group!

About Us: In the News

Our Bench Players

These are our Performers we rely on when we have Events or Content that need more talent than just our normal Starters!

Our Practice Squad

These are our up & coming Performers who have gone through our programs, are sharpening their skills and working their way up! 

Want to learn how to become a Performer with us and how to join this family of weirdos? Our Performers have all taken the Improv Basics and Intermediate Improv Classes with us, so start there to get involved! 

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