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December 1st - Annual Toy Drive

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               Improv + Toy Drive!             

      Providing Laughter now, Toys later      

Now that our November show has passed, it marks the beginnings of the Season of Giving, and The Unintentionals are ready! We like to put double the money where our mouth is, because not only are we giving some Laughter, we're continuing our December tradition of hosting a Toy Drive! The Unintentionals partner with other local nonprofits to give new, unwrapped toys to families in need in our area to help provide a Christmas experience to those who can't afford it normally. 

If you're planning on attending the show, we fully encourage you to help with our Toy Drive by bringing any number of new, unwrapped toys. We'll have a table full of toys to be donated. They don't need to be expensive, just new. Every toy goes to a child in the area who would normally not get one Christmas morning. It's a great cause to spread extra joy this holiday season!

         Clue-Themed Show Solved

                        Professor Plum 

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Clue-Themed October show. We had a fan solve the murder as you would in the classic Board game, and even won a $25 gift card for it! It was pretty epic to see our 9 performers in character for the night as they interacted in rare, 9-person scenes. Check out our YouTube channel for the Highlights Video if you want to see the best parts! 

We're happy to announce that Professor Plum has been aptly punished after framing Mr. Mauve the Magnificent in the Billiard Room with the Dangerously Located Papercut. 

  Needing some Laughter before our next               show? Check out some videos!       

           Recent Highlight Videos

For October, we did a Clue-themed show full of the classic board game characters with some Unintentionals originals mixed in there as well. Check out the highlights video to see some of the characters and the chaos that came with 9-player games!

This June, we celebrated the group's 13 year anniversary with new, never before seen games, such as Question This!, Man on the Street, Lost in Translation and Blindfolded Forward/Reverse. Check out the hilarity, like, share and subscribe for more! 

May's show was one of our classic high-energy competitive improv nights, where two teams compete for points throughout the night. Check out the video to see some shenanigans from games like Moving Bodies, 5 Things, Shift Left Shift Right and Foreign Film Dub.