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Fundamentals of Immprov Class

When Is It?

Every Thursday in April, starting on April 9th!


7 pm - 9 pm

Admission Price

$39 for all 4 weeks!

Where You At?

White Oak Cafe, 6911 Carpenter Firestation Rd, Cary


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Upcoming Improv Classes

April Showers Bring... Improv Classes!!!

Whether you want to improve your public speaking skills or find a fun, different team building event or just think you are the funniest person you know - Improv Classes are just what you need!

Beginning in April we will be starting a Fundamentals of Improv class where you will learn the basics, such as:

  • The classic "rules" of improv
  • How to Build a Scene with nothing around you
  • Teamwork fundamentals
  • How to create and play a character
  • Basic Acting Mechanics
  • How to Progress and Complete a Scene
  • The Rule of 3 - Comedy Basics
  • How to speak in front of a crowd
  • How to react quickly and think on the fly! 


This class is perfect for anyone - whether or not you've had any experience with improv, acting, or public speaking. The class instructor - Bert Hart - has taught a wide range of classes: adults, high school students, veterans of improv and complete beginners! Bert has been working in comedy and performing for over 10 years and brings his knowledge and talent to bear in an exciting and fun class environment.



When: each Thursday in April, starting on April 9th, 7 pm - 9 pm. (Skipping April 2nd...)

Where: White Oak Cafe, between Crosspointe Church and Northwest Cary YMCA, 6911 Carpenter Firestation Rd, Cary.

Cost: $39 for all 4 weeks- cheapest improv class around! (Due at first class.)


Interested? Click on the Sign Up button below. We will be sending out a reminder email the week before the classes begin. We look forward to seeing you there!

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The Un-Intentionals are expanding! It's a very exciting time for us, because this means more shows in more locations and more media! Check back frequently to see what's new, including a New Series on YouTube and more locations for shows! 

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Needing some laughter before our next show? Check out our sweet videos!       

Recent Uploads

In Episode 6, we get to see Patrick laugh at Andy's sad childhood, and ultimately, show that karma is all around us! If you enjoy the video, please Like and Share it! After all, our aim as The Un-Intentionals is to spread our unique, family friendly comedy as far as possible! 

This is our 4th episode of Got Game or Just Lame? In this episode, Marc, Andy, Elijah, Luanna and SweetHart play Plants vs. Zombies II. Some people do really well, and some people...noooooot so much. Check out the video to see who's who, and to see a surprise win by Luanna! 

Here's Part 1 of 2 for our Highlights from our June Shows. June was the first time we did a show solely based on the Long-Form style of improv, and based on feedback, we'll be doing that again very soon! But for now, check out Parts 1 & 2 to see what you missed!