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Though The UnIntentionals are known for fast-paced, family-friendly Improv Comedy, we perform a wide array of different shows. 

Check out our Events page to see what our upcoming performance schedule is! 

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We not only provide high-quality, engaging Comedy, but we also teach our style of Comedy! 

See what types of Comedy Classes we offer, and see which would be a good fit for you by checking out our Classes page.

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The UnIntentionals are a community-minded 501c3 Nonprofit, so we use Donations to help not only fund our operations, but to make an impact.

To learn more about our short-term goals, long-term goals, and the variety of options for donating, visit our Donations page!

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Spice up your next Corporate event by booking a Comedy act you know has experience, and can keep the performance clean! 

Also, The UnIntentionals teach Corporate Workshops that help with Professional Development. Visit our Corporate Events page to learn more.


The Wait is Over - Shows are Scheduled!

If you follow The UnIntentionals, you know that we perform various types of Improv Comedy shows around the Triangle area, and that we intentionally diversify our show locations so that we can bring our unique brand of family friendly Comedy shows to more people. It's been difficult to schedule shows since Covid, but we have our plan together, and we're happy to announce that we're scheduling 4-6 shows for the 2nd half of this year alone! 

If you're interested in seeing us perform live, use the button below to check out our Shows & Events page to see where we'll be performing and when. Tickets for our shows are available on the Merch tab, so make sure you get yours before we sell out for any shows you want to see! 

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The UnIntentionals are a Nonprofit Entertainment group that started in 2005 as a talented group of individuals that loved to make other people laugh, because they all recognized the power that laughter and positivity gave other people around them. Though the times have changed a bit, we're still motivated by the same main goal - To make an Impact. How do we do that?

First, we provide quality Entertainment to audiences of all ages, which is why our content is always family-friendly. We want to expand how we do this by offering more types of Content, including more shows, videos, podcasts and more! Why? Because we aim to make an impact by spreading positivity through laughter. We believe laughter is truly therapy and truly heals.

Second, we use our gifts to make an impact. We believe our gifts are not for ourselves, but to be used to positively impact those around us. We also aim to serve our communities in a variety of ways, leaving our neighborhoods and communities better than how we found them.

Third, we want to share our gifts with others by teaching quality Classes, and by providing a space for people from different backgrounds to learn to be a better version of themselves while they embrace their gifts of Entertainment. 

We truly hope you consider joining us on our journey as we continue to march forward with these 3 motives in mind, whether that means becoming part of our audience or donating to our cause. Use the button below to learn more about our Vision and Goals.

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