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Pullen Park Series

When Is It?

June 25th (6:30-7:30) & June 26th (6:00-7:00)

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Pullen Park Main Stage (520 Ashe Ave, Raleigh, NC 27606)


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The UnIntentionals are Back!

Live Improv coming to Pullen Park

Hey everyone! We're SUPER excited to let everyone know that we're going to be performing a Summer Series event at Pullen Park in Raleigh, featuring our fast-paced, always funny, always family-friendly Improv Comedy! We're incredibly happy to be back to performing after a tough year for so many people, and we can't wait to help people laugh and boost some positivity through our events. 

If you know you want to go, it'd really help us if you would fill out the Google Form below, becuase that will help us project some numbers and put together an appropriate set-up.

We're excited to see people who have been to our shows many times over the years, and also excited to have people see our group for the first time ever! Let's make this a fun event like always! 

Upcoming Improv Classes

First Improv Class of 2021!

Not only are we excited about our Summer Series of shows, but we're excited to get back to hosting Improv Classes! Learning Improv isn't only a great skill that can help you with your public speaking, help you pursue creative avenues, or try something new, but it's also incredibly fun! I mean, spending 2 hours a week dedicated to laughing while learning? That can't be beat! 

We're going to be hosting our first class in the July-August timeframe, and exact dates are coming soon. If you're interested and want to be contacted when those dates are set, use the form below to let us know a bit about you, and we'll make sure you know when the classes are set!

Supporting More Improv!

Expanding and Ways to Support

The Un-Intentionals are expanding! It's a very exciting time for us, because this means more shows in more locations and more media! Check back frequently to see what's new, including a New Series on YouTube and more locations for shows! 

Thank you for those who have supported us and helped us get to where we are now. For those who would like to support us or continue to support us, there are a few ways without spending money! 

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Needing some laughter before our next show? Check out our sweet videos!       

Recent Uploads

Now that The UnIntentionals are coming back with a Summer Series featuring their Live, Interactive, Always Fun improv comedy, they need to get back into Show-Shape. That's where our good friend and Camp Gladiator Trainer, Lizzie, comes in to help! Check the video description for more information on Lizzie's classes if you're looking for a fun, group-centric workout that will let you go at your own pace while adding just enough accountability to give it your best! 

Bad Jokes Competition has become our most popular series, and we're back with Episode 7! We finally get to hear Barb's authentic Italian accent, which makes for a Must-Watch episode if there ever was one. 

Here's Part 1 of 2 for our Highlights from our June Shows. June was the first time we did a show solely based on the Long-Form style of improv, and based on feedback, we'll be doing that again very soon! But for now, check out Parts 1 & 2 to see what you missed!