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April 21st - We know what you can do with your tax refund - support your favorite non-profit improv team!

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February Show was... Improv-y

Things Did NOT Go According to Script...

Boy, howdy. If you missed February's show... well, let's just say you missed history being made.

For the first time in Un-Intentionals history, we had a player injury. That's right. The chalkboard in our practice room now reads "0 Days SInce Our Last Accident". And we were up to a record 5,475 days, too!!!

The good news is the player in question - Anthony "Tony" Guerrero - didn't break anything. It was merely an ankle sprain (we can say "merely" since it wasn't OUR ankle) and he had to hobble along on some crutches for a couple of weeks. Hopefully he'll be good to go by the time the April show rolls around. (April 21st BTDubs - mark your calendar!)

February Highlights (Tony not included)



January Show Highlights

This Is How We Improv




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