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March 16 - May the luck of the Irish tickle your funny bone!

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Doors open at 7:00

Show starts at 7:30 

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As always, our shows are FREE!

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209 Church St, Morrisville, 27560


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The Un-Intentionals are expanding! It's a very exciting time for us, because this means more shows in more locations and more media! Check back frequently to see what's new, including New Series on YouTube and more locations for shows! 

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New Improv Show Dates!

The Long National Wait Is Over

That's right. We have dates! New dates! They still have that new date smell.

Mark your calendars so you can join us for the fun and frivolity!

March 16th - <sniff> <sniff> Smell that? <sniff> <sniff> It smells like... St Patty's Day! And that can only mean one thing - Irish Drinking Song!!! If you've been with us for a while you know that we absolutely crush it when it comes to singing. If by "crush" you mean "ruin it beyond anything recognizable to the human ear" then, yeah, we crush it.

Needing some Laughter before our next show? Check out some videos!       

Recent Uploads

These are the Highlights from the Bachelorette-themed show we put on in February. Our Bachelorette Jasmin (Kathy) had to perform with and choose one of 7 bachelors to perform a closing scene with, including Cleve Hobbs and Rob Boss. We also debuted a brand new game, so check out the video to see the Sound Effect Soundtrack! Like and Share the video, and Subscribe to the Channel! 

This is from our brand new Best Of series, featuring the most spectacular of our performance fails from all throughout 2018. Check it out and get ready to laugh at our expense! We're used to it, so don't feel badly. Like and Share the video, Subscribe to the Channel, and Comment on which performer had the best (or worst) fail! 

This is another video from our brand new Best Of series, featuring the biggest laughter moments from each of our full-time performers throughout 2018. Like and Share the video, Subscribe to the Channel, and Comment on which moment you liked best!