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After learning the Fundamentals of Improv Comedy, you might want to transition to Longform Improv Comedy instead of doing Shortform. If that's you, we can help! Our Intermediate Improv Comedy IV class is our Longform class, and while it will still build on everything you learned in the Fundamentals class, you don't have to take Intermediate I-III before taking this class. Would those help? Of course, but they're not mandatory! In this class, we explore the differences between Longform & Shortform, discover how to build meaningful Relationships with history that will help build longer scenes, and we master the art of the callback. Great Longform Improv doesn't just create a flurry of individual scenes, but finds a way to tie them all together, and this class is perfect for practicing exactly that! 


This is a 6-week course with each session being 2 hours. For questions or additional details, please fill out our Class Interest Form to get in touch with one of our Instructors.

Intermediate Improv Comedy IV: Stay for a While (Longform)

  • Cancellation requests 14 days (or more) before the Start Date of your course will be fully refunded.

    Cancellation requests 7 days (through 13 days) before the Start Date of your course will be refunded at 50% of the original value.

    Cancellation requests between 0-6 days before the Start Date of your course will be rejected, but transfers to another course may be approved during that window. 

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