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At this point in the journey, you know how to write effective jokes, how to write out an Open Mic Night set, and you're probably at least dabbling in longer sets as well, but how can you make sure that people enjoy your actual performance overall? After all, if someone has great content but a bad performance, it's not any easier to watch than someone who's charismatic and confident but has lousy material. This course specifically zooms into the Stand-Up Comedy Performance element, highlighting how you can use audience engagement to your advantage, how to tell more compelling stories, and how to make sure everything in your act aligns well with the overall purpose of your act. This is a great course for those wanting to polish existing content and to learn how to be more engaging for more consistency. 


This is a 6-week course with each session lasting 2 hours. For questions or additional details, please fill out our Class Interest Form to get in touch with one of our Instructors.

Intermediate Stand-Up Comedy II: Dynamic Performances

  • Cancellation requests 14 days (or more) before the Start Date of your course will be fully refunded.

    Cancellation requests 7 days (through 13 days) before the Start Date of your course will be refunded at 50% of the original value.

    Cancellation requests between 0-6 days before the Start Date of your course may be rejected, but transfers to another course may be approved during that window. 

    Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing (via email) or via phone call. Text notices will not be considered.

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