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By this stage in your Improv Comedy journey, you've gotten used to the Fundamentals of Improv, you've started exploring Intermediate-level skills, and you're processing information more quickly than you used to, so it's time to take your scenes to the next level with some Drama! In this Intermediate Improv Comedy class, we zoom in to the 3 major types of drama that you can add into an Improv scene, the use cases for each, and options for how to bring those into the scene while still yes-anding everything before that point. It's one of our most popular classes, because you have so many moments of things boiling over the top in fun, chaotic ways. It's definitely the Chaotic Good of Improv classes! 


This is a 5-week course with each session being 2 hours. For questions or additional details, please fill out our Class Interest Form to get in touch with one of our Instructors.

Intermediate Improv Comedy III: Cause Some Drama

  • Cancellation requests 14 days (or more) before the Start Date of your course will be fully refunded.

    Cancellation requests 7 days (through 13 days) before the Start Date of your course will be refunded at 50% of the original value.

    Cancellation requests between 0-6 days before the Start Date of your course will be rejected, but transfers to another course may be approved during that window. 

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