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If you've done this far, you MUST be for real in wanting to be on stage, so this Advanced Improv Comedy course is here to help! For this class, we asked over 20 performers with varied experience what it takes to perform at a high level and on a regular basis. The results of those answer are both our Advanced I & II courses, but this one is a personal favorite for our Instructors. If you're serious about performing, you need to be serious about your on-stage motivations, how you react while staying "on-task", and you'll also need a range of Advanced-level Characters. This course will zoom in to help with each of those from not just a performer's perspective, but also what people are looking for when casting Improv performers for a variety of different shows. It's one of the final stages in the Improv Comedy journey we can help with, and we go all out! 


This is a 6-week course with each session lasting 2 hours. For questions or additional details, please fill out our Class Interest Form to get in touch with one of our Instructors.

Advanced Improv Comedy II: Put me on stage, Coach!

  • Cancellation requests 14 days (or more) before the Start Date of your course will be fully refunded.

    Cancellation requests 7 days (through 13 days) before the Start Date of your course will be refunded at 50% of the original value.

    Cancellation requests between 0-6 days before the Start Date of your course may be rejected, but transfers to another course may be approved during that window. 

    Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing (via email) or via phone call. Text notices will not be considered.

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