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Performer Series Shirts

The UnIntentionals are proud to be expanding their Merch options throughout all of 2022 and beyond. We're starting with a limited selection as we keep building out the different types of Merch we're going to have on a regular basis. Make sure you're always checking back throughout the year to see what the new Merch is and what new styles are coming out! 

We've had this requested quite a few times in the past, so we're proud to announce that we finally have Performer Team Shirts available! These shirts are to support your favorite performers. Will any money from these shirts go towards the Performers? Absolutely not, but the support you're giving will be given in other ways, specifically during our shows throughout the year. We'll be looking to see Performer shirts in the crowd for special perks during the show for both you and the Performer you're supporting, so buy your favorite, and wear it proud! 

Performer Series Swag

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