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Cause of the Month

Community Impact has been a fundamental piece to the identity of The UnIntentionals since the group started back in 2003, which is what led to us kicking off the Cause of the Month program in 2022, where we have performers representing specific causes throughout the year to build awareness and support for those charities. Make sure you check back every month to see what the new Cause of the Month is, which performer is representing the charity, and to learn more about these nonprofit organizations. 

Thank you for everyone who helped make our debut month a success! We couldn't make an impact without you, and we appreciate everyone who told us how much they liked the idea, and huge shout-out to everyone who partnered with our first Cause of the Month. You are amazing, and we're definitely blessed and lucky to have such amazing fans/followers.

Image by John Cameron

November's Cause of the Month

November's Cause of the Month was selected by another one of our Starters, Patrick, and he chose to partner with the Raleigh Dream Center. The Raleigh Dream Center does a few things, but part of what drew Patrick to want to partner with them for November's COTM is the work they're doing in Human Traffick Intervention.

Though most people think of Human Trafficking as an issue that other countries or larger states have to deal with, North Carolina has the 10th highest rate of Human Trafficking in the US. If you're a local fan of ours, that's right in your backyard! So while this is an issue that might be more prevalent in other locations, that doesn't mean it's not happening right in our local communities, which means people are suffering around us in a way that the Raleigh Dream Center aims to help with.


The Raleigh Dream Center aims to reduce the number of occurrences through 3 phases - Reach, Rescue, and Rebuild. They have initiatives to help inform people on how to recognize Trafficking, to help those who have been through trafficking, and to help rebuild their lives after that traumatic episode. They're also finalizing their future Human Traffick Intervention safe house for survivors. The purpose of their program is the Rescue, Stabilize, and Rebuild the lives of girls and young women by addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those uniquely resilient individuals who have survived human trafficking through sexual exploitation. 

As with all of our Causes of the Month, 50% of proceeds from any Donation or any #uicotm22 shirt bought in the month of November will go directly towards the Raleigh Dream Center. We hope you consider partnering with us as we continue to highlight other causes that provide positive impacts for our communities, and to those who have or will Donate, thank you! 

Past Causes

Below is a list of charities that we've supported through our Cause of the Month program through 2022, so that you can check out any you might have missed! If you feel compelled to donate specifically to a past Cause, make sure you Contact Us for options on how you can still do that!

Tunnel to Tower Foundation Logo.png
Isaiah 117 House Logo.png

March - Tunnel to Towers

February - Isaiah 117 House

February was the first month of the Cause of the Month program, and SweetHart chose the Isaiah 117 House as his charity of choice. He felt pulled to their cause and loved the authenticity of their vision

The Isaiah 117 House looks to vastly improve the Foster programs of America. Right now, too many kids are being taken out of truly tragic situations, and until a foster home is found, they're given a plastic bag for all their belongings (if they have any) before being escorted to a holding room much like an empty office space. There's no separation, no toys, and no essentials kits just in case they don't have everything they need.

The goal of the Isaiah 117 House is to build multiple places for kids entering a foster program, so that they're welcomed by loving volunteers upon their arrival, they're shown to a room with an actual bed, actual toys, and essentials just in case they don't have anything with them. If this is a cause that you'd to support, Message Us so we can tell you how!

March's Cause of the Month was brought to us by Mark with a C, and he chose Tunnel to Towers. Inspired by a true story of a Fireman who rushed back to help those stuck in the World Trade Center on 9/11, Tunnel to Towers looks to use the Donations that come to them to make homes more accessible for Veterans who come back with a limiting physical injury. 

The story is incredible, and the vision is great, so make sure you visit their website - - and Message Us if you want to Donate to them instead of the current Cause of the Month! 

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