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Luanna Smiley showing off the fancy hair! As a hair stylist, she has to by law. It's in the contract

Luanna ":)" Smiley

Teams: Starters

Summary: Luanna's another performer who's been with The UnIntentionals since the group was founded back in 2005. Originally, Luanna joined the group because she wanted to do some theater and loved doing plays, but when Improv presented itself, Luanna found she had a unique talent for it. Luanna specializes in making fun things happen out of chaos, and even adding to the chaos herself! Luanna also doesn't have a nickname...just a cool last name. 

As a performer, Luanna's been a staple for many years with The UnIntentionals. Known as a characters specialist (iykyk), Luanna also has a lot of great moments over the years with games like Do Rap Rap or Bestie Rap, where she gets to show off her natural rapping skillz (yeah, we put a Z in there). Just when you think Luanna's come in to help a situation in a scene, she blows the lid off and creates a twist nobody could've ever seen coming! 

Some Trivia:

  • Current Favorite Improv Game - Fortunately, Unfortunately

  • Why did you start Improv? - "Originally, I started with The UnIntentionals when David created the group, because I loved theater and doing plays. I then discovered Improv, and kept with it!"

  • What do you like about the group? - "I love being a part of a team that prioritizes laughter and sees laughter as a type of medicine that can help people through tough times by laughing." 

  • How long have you been with the group? - Since 2005

  • Random Facts - "I love my mini goldendoodle, and I'm a hair stylist"

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