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Kathy said this would make her look either older or younger. We can't tell anymore, which is exactly what we'd expect from Klassic Kathy Muller

"Klassic Kathy" Muller

Teams: Starters, Content 

Summary: If you've seen The UnIntentionals, there's a very solid chance you've seen Kathy on stage, and you've probably had the same thought most have - Did she actually forget something, or is she pretending to? Well that, my friends, is a secret we'll never reveal the answer to! 

Regardless, Kathy started out with the nickname "Sassy", which makes completely sense if you've ever met her, but over the past few years, she's gotten a new nickname of "Klassic Kathy" after that phrase was used over and over in practices and shows. Kathy has too many "Klassic Kathy" moments to count, and that's what makes her an amazing performer. As a performer, you can always find Kathy trying to tell someone why they're annoying her in the scene, and just when you think she's serious, the scene ends, and she starts laughing to show she was never serious in the first place. Kathy's "tell it like it is" mentality is just a part of what makes her an excellent performer, so if you haven't seen her, you need to! 

Some Trivia:

  • Current Favorite Improv Game - Shoulda Said

  • Why did you start Improv? - "I always wanted to do something on stage, but I was never good at memorizing lines, so when I heard about Improv, I had to try it! It was a perfect fit for me, because I love making entire situations up out of nothing" 

  • What do you like about the group? - "Now more than ever, I feel like we're a family. We kid together, learn from each other, always have fun, and have a great sense of unity. We have a great time together!"

  • How long have you been with the group? - Since 2007

  • Random Facts - "I play the guitar badly, but it's gotten better sense the strings broke. Also, I've gone to Sweden and complained it was too hot. Don't judge me, I love AC!" 

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