Tickets for our August shows are below! The Full Weekend Experience tickets are great for those who want the most value from this weekend of shows (and the most comedy!), but you can also add on specific experiences, such as the Improv Workshop, a ticket to a live Filming of a couple Bad Jokes episodes, our Matinee show, or even a ticket to both nights! All of these experiences are being hosted at the Theater Raleigh

Here are a couple things to keep in mind with our tickets: 

  • Children under 12 are free, but you'll still need to add a ticket for them in your cart to help us monitor numbers

  • Our tickets do not go towards paying our performers. They go strictly to covering the expenses of the show itself

  • Your ticket guarantees admission, but seating is first come first serve the day of the event

If you have any other questions we can help you with, reach out to us at so one of our team members can connect with you!