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Fundamentals of Immprov Class

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Every Thursday in April, starting on April 9th!


7 pm - 9 pm

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$39 for all 4 weeks!

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White Oak Cafe, 6911 Carpenter Firestation Rd, Cary


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Our Improv Players               

You know them, you love them, you can NOT live without them. They are... Our Players.

Bert Hart

Bert is the current President of The Unintentionals, and responsible for most of the crazy formats and new games you'll see. He credits his creative chaos to 90's cartoons, working as a camp counselor, and Sunkist. He's been lucky enough to perform improv and stand-up in 11 different states, but likes sticking to his roots here in Raleigh more than anything else.

Favorite Improv Game - Chaos Carousel

Jeremy Wrenn

Jeremy has been with the Un-Intentionals since 2008 and although you may not recognize the face, but you probably are familiar with "The Voice". Having spent most of his life making odd noises around the house, Jeremy is the one responsible for making the odd noises around the shows. His quick wit and ability to know exactly when and where to insert bodily sounds has earned him the respect and love of his fellow players and loyal fans. (This bio is brought to you by the letter "E". No rubber chickens were harmed in the making of this bio. At least, that we can tell.)

Favorite Improv Game - What are you Doing?

Andy Joslin

Andy was born in Iowa, but is otherwise mostly normal. He joined the team in 2013 and remarkably has yet to be asked to leave. Woot woot! He believes in setting attainable goals, and dreams of one day driving a bus for a living and eating particularly spicy beef jerky, which as it turns out is NOT the official state food of Iowa. Who knew?

Favorite Improv Game - Blindfolded Forward/Reverse

Marc Moore

Marc began his career with the Uns in 2012. Once a high school math teacher, he's amazed that what got him in trouble in the classroom now passes for entertainment. A few of his favorite things: UT football (Go Big Orange!), movies, card playing, and brown paper packages tied up with strings. 

Favorite Improv Game - Shift Left, Shift Right

Barb Brusso

Barb fondly remembers being in first grade and making a construction paper mask and reading some lines from a script in front of the class. (She thinks it was Waiting for Godot, or You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. Can't remember which.) And she's been hopelessly hooked ever since!  She loves acting in all of its forms, but laughter and improv have been the most fun she's had since she wrapped both of her feet behind her neck and was rolled around on stage... but that's another story.

Favorite Improv Game - Chain Death Murder, but only when Kathy plays

David Dollar

David started improv in 1992, after being challenged by a friend to expand his acting talents. He later founded The Unintentionals as a theater group that transformed to do more improv comedy than any other form of theater. 13 years later, and David's still with the group performing with a lot of the knuckleheads he taught and loving every minute of it.

Favorite Improv Game - 5 Things

Mike Groeger

Mike, Mike, Mike. What can we say about him that he already hasn't said himself? One thing we can say is he brings great characters to life onstage, including one Sheik Mabudda. While he does NOT like Pina Coladas, he does love getting caught in the rain. And he's not into health food. And probably doesn't have half a brain.

Favorite Improv Game - Good Advice, Bad Advice

Robert Barker

Thaaaat's right. Bob Barker is on our team. When asked what his favorite game is, he said Plinko. And when asked what he would like for Christmas, he said "A NEW CAR!" When asked if we could come over to his place, his response? "Come on down!" We asked him to guess how much money we had on us without going over. He said $1. Classic.

Favorite Improv Game - Split Screen

Owen Daly

Owen is a six-year veteran of improv and when not on stage with the Un-Intentionals he is an omnivorous actor, taking on many different roles. He has worked with several Raleigh filmmakers including Jim McQuaid playing an Art Critic in "Grace Running", Dean Garris as a school Dean in "Parlay", and with Roger Paris on "Scorpion" and Roger Franks in "The Carrier". While plying his trade as a film actor has warmed the cockles of his creative heart, it has also driven his improv team members crazy every time he shows up and demands to see the script.

Favorite Improv Game - Shrinking Scene

Kathy Muller

Kathy has the distinction of being the only player to have done a Jimmy Durante impersonation... WHILE HE WAS STILL ALIVE! Born and raised on Long Island she's been making people laugh since the age of 5. And making people laugh ON PURPOSE since the age of 32. Feel free to ask her to say "I'm just sitting around doing nuttin'". And then watch all the little kids look on, dazed and confused. Her favorite game is the one that she's playing.
Favorite Improv Game - 2 Line Vocabulary

Natalie Jungkunz Gentry

Natalie brings a little pinache and style to the team - and we're not just talking about her middle name! (Please don't ask us how to pronounce it. We''ve all been too scared to ask her how.) She is frequently found onstage singing, or humming, usually while doing something on the floor. Weird. Kind of like how her hair is always changing colors...

Favorite Improv Game - Anything Musical

Josh Moss

Known as the resident bunny, Josh started improv as a teenager and hasn't stopped or slowed down yet. He infuses a uniquely awkward level of energy into scenes as only a Josh Moss could, and Robert is usually at the receiving end of his antics. 

Favorite Improv Game - Revolving Doors

Tony Guerrero

Tony is the resident Massachussettsan - Massachussettsian? Massachussianite? Whatever - he's from the north. And he brings with him that great northern sensibility - and by that we mean he talks fast and with a weird accent. For some reason he frequently plays a female on stage. Another great northern sensibility?

Favorite Improv Game - Fairytale Countdown

Luanna Smiley

Luanna has been a troupe member for over 8 years while also juggling a job, three kids, one husband, and multiple personalities none of which can speak with an authentic accent. She's handy with a pair of hair clippers (but not in the Sweeny Todd way, if that's what you were thinking) as well as a wig, a pair of star-shaped sunglasses, and a cheese wedge hat. She once played the White Witch in a local production of The Lion, etc., where she was given high regards for her Narnian accent.

Favorite Improv Game - Anything with Characters/Accents

Patrick Mahoney

One of the new players from 2018, Patrick has already started making a name for himself on the Practice Squad - mainly for his work as Stampy the Elephant. Patrick has quickly been embracing the chaos of improv, and for some reason, hasn't run away yet! 

Favorite Improv Game - Question This!

Emily Strickling

Another new player from 2018, Emily is still trying to figure out what happened that had this many weird people all in one spot. The answer - improv! And she's loving every moment. Best described as Sally from Charlie Brown, Emily is trying to fit subtle therapy in our practices and shows, especially towards Andy to prevent him from going "Full Andy".

Favorite Improv Game - Questions Only