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When we asked Barb for a photo to show her as our People & Culture Lead, she sent us this...maybe there's a hidden meaning? We're pretty sure Barb loves people...pretty sure

Barb "Wired" Brusso

Teams: Leadership, Starters, Content

Summary: On the Leadership team, Barb helps serve as our People & Culture Lead, so she's making sure that people feel welcome, included, and that our group allows its performers to be openly vulnerable so that we're all learning together as a chaotic comedy family. Barb makes sure that we're always trending in the right direction, and serves as a balance to make sure that SweetHart's ideas are grounded before letting chaos reign.


As a Performer, Barb's been with The UnIntentionals since the very beginning as a starting member with David Dollar's original team! She's been an undeniable anchor for The UnIntentionals over the years, leading to many different amazingly funny moments with her unique sense of humor and her incredible facial expressions. Over the years, Barb's been a background player, a main player, a coach, a mentor, a leader, and pretty much any other role. The UnIntentionals wouldn't be around if not for Barb! 

Some Trivia:

  • Current Favorite Game - Forward Reverse, especially after getting to be a very large insect and having to buzz for 2 minutes straight

  • Why did you start Improv? - "The founder, David Dollar, was putting together a group of performers to do theater and Improv. At the time, I didn't think I had the wit to do Improv, but I tried it anyway, and I immediately got hooked!" 

  • What do you like about the group? - "I love being a part of a group where laughter and fun are built into my week, and where I can share the fun with others." 

  • How long have you been with the group? - Since 2005! 

  • Random Facts - "I don't know how to act my own age, and I can't think of anything else at the moment...which might be me acting my age. I don't even know anymore!" 

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