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Teams: Leadership, Starters, Content

Summary: On the Leadership Team, SweetHart serves as the President of The UnIntentionals, which means he aims to make sure the rest of the Leadership team can achieve their goals while he continues to innovate the operational strategies of the group as well as the Content. He also aims to make sure the group stays true to their Vision, and that the Content always mirrors that Vision. SweetHart is also the Lead Instructor of the group, using his 12+ years of experience being a high-quality performer on display as he teaches others the skills necessary to be high-quality performers.

As a Performer, SweetHart is a Starter and Host as well as part of the Content team as both the on-screen talent and a Head Writer. SweetHart has thoroughly enjoyed his time with the group, where he's been able to share the stage with incredibly talented people both inside and outside the group on stages across the country.

Some Trivia:

  • Current Favorite Improv Game - Survivor

  • Why did you start Improv? - "A member of the group saw me on stage at a summer camp, loved my energy, and told me to try out for the group. I never went back after that!"

  • What do you like about the group? - "I love that the group's sole purpose is to positively affect others instead of being the star of the show" 

  • How long have you been with the group? - Since 2009

  • Relatable Positivity Quote - "It's far better to be a first-rate version of yourself than a second-rate version of someone else"

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