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Intermediate Stand-Up (202)

The Intermediate Stand-Up class builds directly on the foundation set in place from the Stand-Up Comedy Basics class by zooming in to the skills and techniques that can help you build out more quality, consistent content for longer sets. Through specifically picked exercises and practice, students will learn how to better Workshop existing content, how to build out more Content from existing concepts, and how to improve Storytelling with better timing and delivery. Join our next class so that you can continue your Stand-Up Comedy journey, and turn what's working for you in your shorter sets into a formula for high-quality 5-15 minute sets so you can take your next step!

A Little More about the Intermediate Stand-Up Course

Who's this Class for?

  • People who have either taken a Stand-Up Basics-like course before, or have a lot of experience with Open Mic Nights and/or performing short sets

  • Performers who are going from Open Mic Nights to paid gigs or sets that require quality 5-15 minute sets

  • Students of Stand-Up Comedy who want to learn how to refine existing content to build out more content that stays consistent with who they are as a Performer

  • People who want to learn how to tell better stories, so that the punchline at the end isn't the only "good" part


  • ​This is a 5-week course with each session being 2 hours

  • This course is $175, but it requires a unique discount code that's provided by an Instructor, so fill out the Class Interest Form today and get in touch for your code! 


What does this Class cover?

  • How to Workshop and Build out content from existing content

  • How to ensure that your Persona is aligned with your content to give you a clear, polished, professional look that stands out

  • Storytelling Basics, so that your stories have more impact, and so that the ending isn't the only funny part

  • Improving Consistency throughout longer sets, both in quality and in entertainment value

  • How to utilize Crowdwork consistently to better connect with your audience

  • How to use multiple types of Jokes so you don't become predictable

  • Using the Rule of 3 in longer sets to build an effective roadmap 

Upcoming Dates:

  • April 24th - May 22nd

  • September 18th - October 16th

How to Sign Up:

  • Fill out the Class Interest Form to connect with our team of instructors. They'll make sure to answer any questions you have, and make sure you're pursuing the right class

  • An Instructor will send you a Quicklist for your preferred class, which includes all the details for that class along with a discount code to bring the class to $175

  • Follow the instructions and get signed up! Your instructor will confirm your spot in the class


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