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Fundamentals of Immprov Class

When Is It?

Every Thursday in April, starting on April 9th!


7 pm - 9 pm

Admission Price

$39 for all 4 weeks!

Where You At?

White Oak Cafe, 6911 Carpenter Firestation Rd, Cary


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                 Improv Games List

Here is a list of games that we play during our shows. Just in case you want to play along at home. But remember, if you try this at home it's merely meant to be an exhibition,  not a competition. Please, no wagering. Unintentionals Originals are highlighted.

Classic Games

5 Things          What are you Doing?          Forward/Reverse          Shoulda Said

Shift Left, Shift Right          Shrinking Scene          Revolving Doors          Slideshow

Blind Line          Chain Death Murder          Fairytale Countdown          Survivor


New Games

Number of Syllables          What are you trying to say?          Bobbing for Improv

10 Things          Death Swing Pendulum          Actor's Nightmare          Stunt Double

Weekend at Bernie's          Shrinking Scene Countdown          Blindfolded Forward/Reverse

Exaggerate          First Line, Last Line          My Big Italian Family          Lost in Translation

Chaos Carousel          Animal Personalities          Meet the Parents          Survival Show

Man on the Street          Press Conference          Police Interview          Dating Game

Actor Switch          3 Rules          Question This!          What's in the Bag?


Scene Games

Alphabet Genre          Day in the Life          Dubbing          Foreign Film Dub

Emotional Boundaries          Missing in Action          Number of Words         Number of Lines

Questions Only          Styles Replay          Two Line Vocabulary          Alphabet Scene

Fortunately, Unfortunately          Changing Emotions          Conjunction Junction          

Oscar Winning Moment          Parallel Universe          Hesitation          Sound Effects

Pillars          Whose Line          Shoulda Said          Shift Left, Shift Right          Slideshow

Revolving Doors          Number of Syllables          Bobbing for Improv          10 Things

What are you trying to say?          Death Swing Pendulum          Actor's Nightmare

Exaggerate          First Line, Last Line          My Big Italian Family          Animal Personalities

Marshmallow Madness          What's in the Bag?


Character Games

We Need Gas          Billy Goat's Gruff          Blind Date          Good Advice, Bad Advice

Good Cop, Bad Cop          Halls of Justice          Next!          Spelling Bee

Sportscasters          Survivor          Switch Interview          Party Guests          Split Screen

Meet the Parents          Survival Show          Man on the Street          Dating Game

Actor Switch          3 Rules          Question This!


Action Games

Try that on for Size          Action Replay          Freeze Tag          Moving Bodies

Forward/Reverse          Shrinking Scene          Fairytale Countdown          Stunt Double

Weekend at Bernie's          Shrinking Scene Countdown          Blindfolded Forward/Reverse

Chaos Carousel


Misc. Games

Home Shopping Network          Sideline Karaoke          Beastie Rap         Irish Drinking Song

Wreck the Halls          Sing for your Supper          Da Do Run Run/Da Do Rap Rap

Remote Control          Emotional Symphony          Conducted Story          Instruction Manual

9 out of 10          Talk Radio          Dr. Know-it-All          5 Things          What are you Doing?

Chain Death Murder          Lost in Translation          Press Conference          Police Interview


End Games

185          Back in my Day          B-Movie          Catch Phrase          Dear Diary

Foot in Mouth          Object Freeze          Famous Last Words          Scenes from a Hat