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Advanced Improv (301)

The Advanced Improv class examines each individual participant's unique skills, and focuses on the advanced skills and techniques that will improve the effectiveness of any Performer. Improvisation and working off-script has become a necessary skill for Acting, Theater, and Stand-Up, which is why this course has a Performer-mindset. Through specifically created and selected topics, exercises and games, our Instructors will take you through content that will specifically help you become more efficient and add more tools to your Performing toolbelt. This course is only taught by our top Instructors, who have not only performed for over a decade, but have travelled throughout the US performing on multiple stages in front of crowds of 100+ people. 

A Little More about the Advanced Improv Course

Who's this Class for?

  • Anyone who has gone through the Basics and Intermediate Improv course, and are still hungry to keep learning and keep getting better at Improv comedy

  • Actors, Stand-Up Comedians, or Theater performers who are looking for personalized feedback and additional skills to help them be more effective performers

  • Though this course is uniquely for performers, those without aspirations to perform can take this class too! It's great for learning those advanced-level skills that you can use for Improv Drop-ins and/or Workshops 


  • ​This is a 6-week course with each session being 2 hours

  • This course is $175, but it requires a unique discount code that's provided by an Instructor, so fill out the Class Interest Form today and get in touch for your code! 


What does this Class cover?

  • Creating and Interacting with Environment with more Consistency, Relevancy, and Believability

  • Creating Advanced-level Characters with fuller backgrounds

  • Building Relationships through keywords and familiarity instead of direct lines

  • Exploring assumptions of Relationships and Characters to help provide more avenues during scenes

  • Showing your ideas, contributions, characters and relationships vs. narrating them

  • Maintaining your Character's purpose on the fly

  • Learning how to turn Yes-And into Both-And

Upcoming Dates:

  • May 18th - June 22nd

  • October 5th - November 19th

How to Sign Up:

  • Fill out the Class Interest Form to connect with our team of instructors. They'll make sure to answer any questions you have, and make sure you're pursuing the right class

  • An Instructor will send you a Quicklist for your preferred class, which includes all the details for that class along with a discount code to bring the class to $175

  • Follow the instructions and get signed up! Your instructor will confirm your spot in the class


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