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Acting Audition

Actings Basics (103)

The Acting Basics class is specifically written for people who want to pursue on-screen acting or theatrical acting. In this class, students will explore the foundations of Acting by participating in exercises that will zoom in to Line Memorization, Staying in Characters, exploring the Assumptions behind the Character, the basics of Stage Presence, and how to exercise Vocal Control. Join our next class so that you can explore the building blocks of Acting, and learn how to transform into a character in a fun, interactive way that embraces your existing talents.

A Little More about the Acting Basics Course

Who's this Class for?

  • People who want to explore the world of Acting, and have either never taken a class, or it's been a while since their last class

  • People who want to learn how to better memorize lines, and how to transform themselves into a character

  • People who want to try something new! This class is just like our Improv Basics class in how it's great for people wanting to try something unique and new without requiring anything too serious

  • Anyone who's doing Improv, Stand-Up, or another form of performing and struggles to stay in character 

  • Anyone who wants to explore a variety of Soft Skills that can help them personally and professionally, but doesn't want a boring course 


  • ​This is a 5-week course with each session being 2 hours

  • This course is $145, but it requires a unique discount code that's provided by an Instructor, so fill out the Class Interest Form today and get in touch for your code! 


What does this Class cover?

  • Acting Basics and Stage Presence

  • Learning how to exercise Vocal Range appropriately

  • Learning how to transform into a Character

  • How to Stay in Character

  • Basics of Line Memorization

  • How to Read Between the Lines of a Script

  • Delivering lines in Character

Upcoming Dates:

  • This course is new, so it doesn't have a set schedule yet, but will be scheduled based on interest. If you're interested, submit a Class Interest Form, and we'll let you know a likely timetable until the next course!

How to Sign Up:

  • Fill out the Class Interest Form to connect with our team of instructors. They'll make sure to answer any questions you have, and make sure you're pursuing the right class

  • An Instructor will send you a Quicklist for your preferred class, which includes all the details for that class along with a discount code to bring the class to $145

  • When the next course is scheduled, follow the instructions on the Quicklist and get signed up! Your instructor will confirm your spot in the class


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